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There is no evidence supporting any current theory on how Stonehenge came about, or why. So the key is to have an open mind, and not to be limited by what we were taught... when was the last time you walked off the edge of the planet.?

The Mystery Of Stonehenge...

Given the level of intelligence of the people who built Stonehenge, is it conceivable that they would be prepared to stand in the rain?

The obvious answer is no!

It was a building and I can demonstrate this with a working model which I have produced by applying engineering principles which have been used since the earliest times.


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You can also watch an earlier demonstration video below.

Most people believe that Stonehenge is a free standing structure with alignments to the sun, moon and stars.
I think it was a building! I cannot imagine the people who built Stonehenge standing in the rain! — Bruce




King Arthur's Round Table was constructed without nails, pegs, screws, brackets or fastenings of any kind - I have discovered how. The image below shows how it would have looked. Click on it to view a video presentation.


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